Praire Vaudeville Radio Shows Online

Episodes are uploaded once they have aired on CJNU 93.7
They are usually up within 24 hours following the show. (Fridays at Noon)

Here are the archives:

Episode One: May 3/19 Find it Here
On this Episode: Fred Stone, Bob Hope & George Burns, Alan Alda, Hazel Dale of the “Dale Sisters” and Howard Swan of “The Haymakers”.

Episode Two: May 10/19 Find it Here
This week: Igor the Incredible Juggler, Jimmy Durante, Willie Eckstein, Grant Simpson & Howie Swan.

Episode Three: May 17/19 Find it Here
This week: The History of the Vaudeville Banana Gag, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, George Burns, Eva Tanguay, Mimi Blaise

Episode Four: May 24/19 Find it Here
This week: Klondike Kate, Hank Karr, Bill Costin, Groucho Marx, Interview with legendary vaudevillian performer Gillian Campbell and Edward Thompson.

Episode Five: May 31/19 Find it Here
This week: Alexander Pantages, The Marx Brothers, Mae West, Sophie Tucker, Howard Swan

Episode Six: June 7/19 Find it Here
This week: Stage Moms!!!! Featuring Madam Rose Havoc, Anne Astaire, Ethel Gumm, Mildred Simpson

Episode Seven: June 14/19 Find it Here
This week: The Roaring 20s and Vaudeville! James P Johnson, Phil Harris and His Orchestra, Vern and Irene Castle, The Bobbed Hair Craze, Featuring a reading by Tracy Erman, Buck Evans

Episode Eight: June 21/19 Find it Here
This week: Marie Dressler, Sophie Tucker, Gillian Campbell

Episode Nine: June 28/19 Find it Here
This week: Born in the Trunk: The Children of Vaudeville, The Seven Little Foys, The Gerry Society, June Havoc, Eddie Cantor, Gus Edwards, Thelma White, Marjoire White, Cab Calloway.

Episode Ten: July 5/19 Find it Here
This week: Irene Franklin, Burton Green, Groucho Marx, Fifi D’Orsay, Maurice Chevalier, Gallagher and Shean and more!

Episode Eleven : July 12/19
This week: Fats Waller, Lloyd Arntzen, Annie Avery, Howard Swan